Crochet Baby Booties

Sorry if it's taking too long for my next post. It's been crazy time where daily errands seem endless. Anyway, I want to take a close picture of other crochet I made. It's a baby booties. It tooks many times before I could make it perfect. (Lots and lots mistakes, yet it's worth it).

This baby booties based on a pattern I bought on monpetiteviolon.etsy.com. Well I had to made and remade the steps, but I am soooo happy when it ended :) Here are the look.

Actually there are many free crochet pattern out there. Just check ravelry.com and you got tons of free pattern. I bought this pattern because I "need" to see the steps of making baby booties. Hey, I hope I can show you how to make it someday. Just leave me comments if you want me to :)

Happy crochetting! ^_^


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