Pocket Clutch (Sewing Project #11)

This is an absolut happiness! Sewing another clutch, really brings me happiness. This one comes from Keykalou's pattern. A simple, yet cute, clutch. So, please do the honour to see the pictures ^_^

There is a pocket at front,

...a magnetic flap,
and a sweet double flap ^_^

Happy sewing everyone,
(hope you enjoy it as much as I do ^_^)


Clutch Bag (Sewing Project #10)

Still talking about designer's pattern. I'm trying another bag pattern from Napkitten. It's actually a clutch with a flap. It's a little bit tricky anyway, especially on the zipper part. Not like usual zipper I installed, it's an insert zipper. so the technique is nouvelle to me. But then, I manage to work it out.

Making this clutch, I learn to sew pipping bias tape. It's quite intimidating at first, but after mending here and there, it turned out well :)

I still have to learn how to sew the flap better though. Well, practice makes perfect. What do you think about it as the first try? ^_^

Happy sewing everyone,


Back to School

As handmade craft is still my passion, other side of me also waving for attention. Recently (and unexpectedly), I got scholarship to take Master Degree on English. I'm so excited with the prospect of continuing my study. On the same time, I need great time management and energy management, since it really consume mine especially in the weekend.

How do you manage your time?


Messenger Bag (Sewing Project #9)

I wish I could always be as productive as last weekend. I made clutch and bag within 24 hours, and it was my first time making them. Now I'd like to share the messenger bag I sew. The pattern is made by Keykalou. I especially love this bag because of its size. It's not too big, yet you can put many books inside.

This bag was made from unbleached cotton, which has good strength and thickness. It is also easy to sew since it is naturally a stiff cloth. The flap was made from Indonesia batik, which I really love for it's rich delicious red. 

In the end, it's just a heart-warming bag, not only because I finally able to make a messenger bag, but also because it's a perfect bag for me. I would like to make another one soon, and share the joy with you.

Happy sewing everyone! ^_^

Another Treasury Featured... Yay!

Remember when I told you that my item had been featured on StudioElenus? That treasury has been featured in Jessica's blog. She has a great collection of Treasury. I'm so excited ^_^



A Simple Clutch (Sewing Project #8)

This weekend I've been amusing myself by making clutch and bag based on designers pattern. How excited it is being in the process of making something, no matter how simple it is. Let's start with the clutch first. I got the pattern from June, a nice Etsian, here. (Pssst... I once thought that buying a pattern tutorial is a waste of money, but what I am so wrong about it. Buying pattern is just worth it, especially if you are a beginner. You got step-by-step instruction, which is essential for beginner like me :P and you can always ask the designer to help you through the sewing. I'm not so blind anymore :D)

Anyway, here's what I made so far. For the flap, I used Indonesian batik, which is gorgeous on texture and motif. For the body of the clutch, I used unbleached cotton.

So, what do you think? ^_^

I've been Featured on others Treasury

Hi, this weekend have been wonderful fpr I was given a nice surprise by another Etsian seller, StudioElenus. Apparently, my wristlet has been featured on her Treasury list, yeeiyyyy! So, although I've been posting a Treasury before, I just can't help myself :P Here's the sneak peek.

'East of Winter' by StudioElenus



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