Simple Clutch I Love (Sewing Project #13)

It feels like centuries since the last time I post. But here's the news, I made a new clutch. It's simple but clean and modern. The pattern is provided by KeykaLou. It is a super simple and easy to follow tutorial in a form of pdf file. (I tend to ruin my pattern when I copy it into fabric, so e-tutorial like this is a good way out because you can print hundreds of time ^_^).

Originally, I made this clutch for myself. I need one purse to place my bills and cards, but the one in the store nowadays always come with a great thickness, and I haven't put anything yet! Can you imagine how bulky it is when you stuff it with bills, cards, coupons and others? As for me, a thin clutch is a must! Because of that, I didn't put second flap like the original pattern.

Anyway, I love how it turns out so I decided to make another one and put it in my store. If you want to have one, click on KeykaLou's link on the right and sew one for yourself. Another alternative? Come visit my store and you will get one clutch with ethnic taste in a modern style!  ^_^

Have a good day!


I got into Etsy Front Page ^_^

I just got great news just made me smile until now, http://statsy.org emailed me that I just got into Etsy front page yeeeiiiyyy...!! ^_^ You see, when you are one of Etsy seller, get into front page is one achievement, but since the front page dynamically change within minutes, you just cannot track them all the time. That is when you need http://statsy.org to let you know when you got into the front page, all you have to do is registering your mail there.

So, thank you Etsy for let me into your front page ^_^ happy happy dancing now..


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