Sweet Sale for Sew Lover ^_^

Hi all!

I got to tell you this among my hectic time, as you know I made my first attempt to sew things came with the help of Keyka Lou's patterns. For example, the pixie handbag below this post :P Now, the good news. Keyka Lou is having a sale till 31/1/2011. She is going to let her 16 patterns to retir. Prizes has been cut down into $3..! How cool is that.? :D

If you want to take a look, just click the Keyka Lou's button on the right and you'll jump into her shop. Look for the pattern which SALE mark on it, and there you have the sale pattern.

Good luck and have fun! :)


Spring Tote Bag (Sewing Project #16)

It's been a while since my last posting. I hope that does not sign I'm no longer stay close to my blog and you. It sounds cliche, but really I was exhausted with my daily basis work, and can't even think to make craft (I know, I have to make a better time management AND energy management here..).

But hey, I'm not complaining! :P It's only a delayed work. I'm back to craft few days ago, and done my next sewing project. It actually an order by a good friend of mine. She asked me to make a tote bag, and I took this KeykaLou's pattern. -- In case you haven't heard of it, she was a bag designer that offer an easy-to-follow pattern and instruction, the link is on my right :) 

I love how it's turn out... AND it's also available on my shop. Yeeiyy..!! ^_^

Stop by at my shop for more pictures! ^_^


crochetie: Day 3 from the earthquake

crochetie: Day 3 from the earthquake

Earthquake on Japan surprise us all. I cannot say a word when seeing how the tsunami washed away Japan, it was so fast and horrible. I only have my heart and pray to Japan. Hope they will soon get recovered...


Cute Kids Pouch -- Free Pattern

Hallo everyone,


A couple days ago, Sue from ithinksew drop me a line for her new pattern. It is a kid pouch, and super easy to make. She generously said that it's fine to share it with you all. It is a pdf file, and can be downloaded. Come and get yours, just click the picture above ^_^ Let me know if you are able to make the pouch.

Happy sewing ^_^


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