Cute Kids Pouch -- Free Pattern

Hallo everyone,


A couple days ago, Sue from ithinksew drop me a line for her new pattern. It is a kid pouch, and super easy to make. She generously said that it's fine to share it with you all. It is a pdf file, and can be downloaded. Come and get yours, just click the picture above ^_^ Let me know if you are able to make the pouch.

Happy sewing ^_^


Fold Over Clutch (Sewing Project #15)

Hello everyone! How's your day today?
A couple of days ago I managed to make another fold over clutch. This time I use orange fabric stripes as the exterior fabric, combined with coordinating solid cotton. I especially love the orange stripes, it's just brighten up my mood in the middle of cloudy days ^_^

As the lining, I also use the same solid brown cotton with full interface all around the body and flap. The interface gave more shape and strength.

So, I made this clutch based on KeykaLou pattern which once again easy to follow. In the end, it's just a perfect clutch to carry things, especially when you stuff your things inside. The shape then just pop up :P 
It's perfect for me, and it may be perfect for you, too. For more picture and details you can visit my store.

Hope you have a bright happy days! ^_^


Fold Over Clutch (Sewing Project #14)

Hi everyone, what a nice day today! It is a bit cloudy, but it's just perfect! Another weekend means another classes for my postgraduate programs, means another studies are waiting. Hey, I'm thrilled, can't wait to get into my class :D

Anyway, yesterday I manage to sew more sewing projects. It's a fold over clutch, and another simple clutch like I made before. A fold over clutch means that there is a little bit folded flap when you close it down. It is closed by magnetic snap, on a beautiful small flap. I love this pattern by KeykaLou. It is very well instructed and easy to sew.

I made this first fold over clutch on kawaii cotton, with calico lining. It is fully interfaced with medium weight interface to form its shape. For that decision I am absolutely satisfied, since I don't like slack clutch.

For a beginner sewer, you have to be careful on making the curve stitches like those on the small flap, and the curved body itself. But it's worth it, for at the end it really is a cute and sweet clutch.

The pattern comes on three sizes, small, medium and large. The one I made is the large one, and it got, literally, huge space inside the clutch. It is my favorite one now, especially with all those printed fat chubby bears  ^_^


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