Fold Over Clutch (Sewing Project #15)

Hello everyone! How's your day today?
A couple of days ago I managed to make another fold over clutch. This time I use orange fabric stripes as the exterior fabric, combined with coordinating solid cotton. I especially love the orange stripes, it's just brighten up my mood in the middle of cloudy days ^_^

As the lining, I also use the same solid brown cotton with full interface all around the body and flap. The interface gave more shape and strength.

So, I made this clutch based on KeykaLou pattern which once again easy to follow. In the end, it's just a perfect clutch to carry things, especially when you stuff your things inside. The shape then just pop up :P 
It's perfect for me, and it may be perfect for you, too. For more picture and details you can visit my store.

Hope you have a bright happy days! ^_^

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