Hanging Brooch Organizer (Sewing Project #12)

Hi there...
For few weeks I'd been thinking of making a brooch organizer. It's been a messed up accessories that I had, that needs immediate arrangement. Sadly, I seems had no time to make the hanging organizer, until today... 

It was a perfect morning to sew, and I just cut and arrange my felt scraps on a piece of unbleached cotton, and sewn it. On final step, I took one of my hanger and sewn the cloth to it.

This is what it turned out....

And this is what it looks like when I pinned up my brooches on the hanging brooches organizer.

It was a fun and quick project, not to mention that I got my brooches safe on its place :P What do you think?


Happy sewing everyone!


Crochet Pouch

Due to my constant mobility, few days ago I bought my second laptop, or you may say a netbook. It's a Lenovo S10-3. I'll make the review on another day. For now I want to tell you about what happen next. To make it perfect, I also bought a netbook bag. I got one. It's a brown bag, with tosca pipping. It really is a cute bag. But the problem was that it doesn't spare many rooms for my netbook accessories. I didn't realize it when I bought the bag.

So, when I got home and try to stuff everything inside, there was no more space for my external harddisk! Tp force the harddisk into the bag is impossible, not to mention the side effect that happen when your notebook got too many pressure. What am I supposed to do?

This morning I woke up feeling dizzy, thank God it's already a holiday. Still thinking about how am I going to fit in my external harddisk into my bag, so I decided to make an extra pocket. I saw balls of my yarn. Still didn't have any idea, I just grab my tosca yarn and start to crochet. I didn't know how it was going to end up, I just had this fuzzy thought that I would be an extra pocket (or pouch?) for my external harddisk. Finally, this is what it's end up with.

Crochet Pouch - looks bigger than it should, but adding the harddisk cables, this pouch size is just perfect.

And the pouch matches perfectly with my notebook bag. Can't be happier about it ^_^

To wrap up the story, I finished my pouch, and really really glad that it matches with my bag. Problem solved ^_^

Happy crafting everyone!


Pocket Clutch (Sewing Project #11)

This is an absolut happiness! Sewing another clutch, really brings me happiness. This one comes from Keykalou's pattern. A simple, yet cute, clutch. So, please do the honour to see the pictures ^_^

There is a pocket at front,

...a magnetic flap,
and a sweet double flap ^_^

Happy sewing everyone,
(hope you enjoy it as much as I do ^_^)


Clutch Bag (Sewing Project #10)

Still talking about designer's pattern. I'm trying another bag pattern from Napkitten. It's actually a clutch with a flap. It's a little bit tricky anyway, especially on the zipper part. Not like usual zipper I installed, it's an insert zipper. so the technique is nouvelle to me. But then, I manage to work it out.

Making this clutch, I learn to sew pipping bias tape. It's quite intimidating at first, but after mending here and there, it turned out well :)

I still have to learn how to sew the flap better though. Well, practice makes perfect. What do you think about it as the first try? ^_^

Happy sewing everyone,


Back to School

As handmade craft is still my passion, other side of me also waving for attention. Recently (and unexpectedly), I got scholarship to take Master Degree on English. I'm so excited with the prospect of continuing my study. On the same time, I need great time management and energy management, since it really consume mine especially in the weekend.

How do you manage your time?


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