Spring Tote Bag (Sewing Project #16)

It's been a while since my last posting. I hope that does not sign I'm no longer stay close to my blog and you. It sounds cliche, but really I was exhausted with my daily basis work, and can't even think to make craft (I know, I have to make a better time management AND energy management here..).

But hey, I'm not complaining! :P It's only a delayed work. I'm back to craft few days ago, and done my next sewing project. It actually an order by a good friend of mine. She asked me to make a tote bag, and I took this KeykaLou's pattern. -- In case you haven't heard of it, she was a bag designer that offer an easy-to-follow pattern and instruction, the link is on my right :) 

I love how it's turn out... AND it's also available on my shop. Yeeiyy..!! ^_^

Stop by at my shop for more pictures! ^_^


crochetie: Day 3 from the earthquake

crochetie: Day 3 from the earthquake

Earthquake on Japan surprise us all. I cannot say a word when seeing how the tsunami washed away Japan, it was so fast and horrible. I only have my heart and pray to Japan. Hope they will soon get recovered...


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