I got into Etsy Front Page ^_^

I just got great news just made me smile until now, http://statsy.org emailed me that I just got into Etsy front page yeeeiiiyyy...!! ^_^ You see, when you are one of Etsy seller, get into front page is one achievement, but since the front page dynamically change within minutes, you just cannot track them all the time. That is when you need http://statsy.org to let you know when you got into the front page, all you have to do is registering your mail there.

So, thank you Etsy for let me into your front page ^_^ happy happy dancing now..


Anonymous said...

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keyka said...

Congratulations Nenny! That is great you were on the front page. It is wonderful thing. I love that statsy will notify you so you know when it happens.


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