How to find Free Crochet Pattern

Hallo crochet lovers! Have you plan something craft this weekend? :) For those who still curious about getting a free crochet pattern, I will guide you to get not one, but hundreds of free pattern. Exciting?

Ok, here's a couple of way how to do it:
1. Get your Google, type in "free crochet pattern" for the keyword (complete with the quotation mark), and you'll got hundreds of links. One easiest database to find the pattern is on this site http://www.myhq.com/public/c/r/crochetpoet/

2. Get into http://picasaweb.google.com/ and type in the most incredible trademark of Japanese crochet book, like ondori or cotton time, and you'll find plenty of generous people who love to share their crochet books as a sample (but keep in mind, it does not act as the substitute of the original book). Just remind yourself to buy the original version of the book, allright? :P

Well then, happy hunting. Make sure your weekend is a crafty weekend :)

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