Messenger Bag (Sewing Project #9)

I wish I could always be as productive as last weekend. I made clutch and bag within 24 hours, and it was my first time making them. Now I'd like to share the messenger bag I sew. The pattern is made by Keykalou. I especially love this bag because of its size. It's not too big, yet you can put many books inside.

This bag was made from unbleached cotton, which has good strength and thickness. It is also easy to sew since it is naturally a stiff cloth. The flap was made from Indonesia batik, which I really love for it's rich delicious red. 

In the end, it's just a heart-warming bag, not only because I finally able to make a messenger bag, but also because it's a perfect bag for me. I would like to make another one soon, and share the joy with you.

Happy sewing everyone! ^_^

1 comment:

keyka said...

Your messenger bag looks beautiful! The unbleached cotton with the batik flap is very pretty.

Great job, Nenny!


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