Crochet Baby Booties

Sorry if it's taking too long for my next post. It's been crazy time where daily errands seem endless. Anyway, I want to take a close picture of other crochet I made. It's a baby booties. It tooks many times before I could make it perfect. (Lots and lots mistakes, yet it's worth it).

This baby booties based on a pattern I bought on monpetiteviolon.etsy.com. Well I had to made and remade the steps, but I am soooo happy when it ended :) Here are the look.

Actually there are many free crochet pattern out there. Just check ravelry.com and you got tons of free pattern. I bought this pattern because I "need" to see the steps of making baby booties. Hey, I hope I can show you how to make it someday. Just leave me comments if you want me to :)

Happy crochetting! ^_^


Donna Charles said...

please I would love to learn how to make these they are darling

NennyS said...

Hi Donna,
Really? I remember that I had a good time making it :P
By the way, you can learn crochet through Crochet Geek blog site. You can find the link on the left tab of this page. It has the video where you can learn it step by step.

Good luck with your crochet :)

Marlu said...

Hi how did you remake the steps. I bought this pattern too and am wondering if it'll be too hard cause I'm a beginner.

NennyS said...

Hi Marlu, I am a beginner too. And I remembered that I have to go through the pattern 2-3 times untili got it right.
My approach was trying to understand how to construct the sole first. Every double or more stitches in one hole will enlarge the size, and every one stitches for 2 or more holes will reduce the size.
If it's not make sense I suggestyou see the YouTube video by Teresa from crochet-mania.blog spot.com.
Hope it helps :)


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