Crochet Flower Brooch

I got few holiday due to coming of a month fasting on this year Ramadhan. It means I'm so happy meeting Ramadhan and fasting again, and also means there is more time to crochet a little bit. 

So far I made five crocheted brooch. On all of them modified a little bit here and there for every one of it, 'coz I hate making the same thing twice. 

However there is one basic pattern for making crochet flower brooch. You just have to know how to do basic crochet stitch. Here is the pattern I try to translate from my brooch. Hope you understand. Let me know if you have question :)

Round 1 (R1) : Make 8 chains (ch), and slip stitch (ss) to the 2nd chain from your finger to make a ring.
R2 : Make 6 chain, 1 double crochet (dc). Make 4 ch, 1 dc for 7 more, and ss to 3rd ch. There will be eight 4-chain-space.
R3 : 1 ss, 1 single crochet (sc), 1 double crochet (dc), 1 triple crochet (tc), 1 dc, 1 sc, ss to the next 4 chain space. Do it for 7 more. Ss to R2 3rd chain.
R4 : 1 chain, sc at the same hole, 5 chain, back post single crochet (bpsc) to R2 dc for 7 more. Ss to the sc.
R5 : ss to the first 5-chain, 1 sc, 1 dc, 2 tc, 1 dc, 1 sc and ss to bpsc of R4. Do it 8 times. Ss to the 1st sc.
R6 : 1 ch, 1 sc to the same hole. Make 8 ch, 1 bpsc of R5 for 7 more. Ss to the 1st sc.
R7 : Ss to the 1st 8 chain space. 1 sc, 2 dc, 3 tc, 2dc, 1 sc, ss to R6 dc. Do it 7 more.
So far you have 2 stacks of flower petals. You can continue doing step R3-R7 (+1 ch on R4 and +2 ch on R7) on and on to make more stacks.

Here is the example of 4 stacks flower.
Hope you understand the pattern. Let me know if you have question. 
Well, happy fasting to all Muslim in the world and happy crocheting everyone! :)


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