Next Sewing Project (Project #2)

It is said that most of the things that are here right now is because we need them to exist. Many things are made out of necessity. And so is this next sewing project.

It began when I got a package of external harddrive for my lappie (I'm almost run out of space here). It comes without a cover to secure it, so I think I should make one. Once again, I am still not really good on making pattern, yet I just try to figure it out how.

What I need for my harddrive cover is a pocket for the machine, and one pocket for its cable. I cannot think of other place for the second pocket (that I am capable making it right now xixixi...) other than in front of it.
I am very lucky to have these cute fabrics, I got polkadot and stripe light caramel.

I want to make an 11 x 17 cm cover, and since it is shock-sensitive-machine, I need it to be padded. So, here is the final end. I also put small pocket (the stripe fabric) for the cable.

I know it's not perfect, yet I got what I need. So I am quite happy with the result. Yeeeeiyyyy, I made another cover. Sewing project #2 is accomplished ^_^

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