Sewing is Like Baby Steps... (Project #1)

Learning to sew is like baby steps. At first you are trembling, falls down occasionally. Walk again, still trembling, but getting better at time. That is how I describe my self-taught sewing lesson. My sewing machine is there tempting me to always try to sew.

I am not a tailor-born. I don't take formal classes on sewing (except one short unfinished sewing program that gives me almost nothing other than making pattern on paper that I soon forgot  >_<), so sewing has been a real challenge.

I had to figure out how to make one that I want. For example, when the sewing machine just sit nicely on the corner, I know I need to make its cover. Not a big thing, I know. But even for this veeeerrry simple task, it's enough to make me nervous.

So, I started to imagine the steps. Yap, I imagine it. No pattern had been drawn, for I was and am a bruttaly forced sewer that sew without pattern. Poor fabric! And this is it. After many unfit measurements, and a few frustation of "how do I do it correctly", I finally succeed making..... my first sewing machine cover!


New Complete Guide to Sewing (Readers Digest) 


Yuanita a.k.a Tacik said...

Good idea mbak,buat tutup mesin supaya gak kotor kena debu ^^

NennyS said...

Thanks Yuanita :-)

Yuanita a.k.a Tacik said...

itu mesin jahitnya dalemnya gak terlalu banyak plastik kyk merk S***** ya mbak?
saya ijin pasang buttonnya di blog saya ya mbak... terima kasih ^^

NennyS said...

Silakan pasang button-nya, Yuanita :-)
Mesin jahitnya yg plastik bodi luarnya aja, dalamnya tetap besi. Mudahan membantu.

Yuanita a.k.a Tacik said...

makasih mbak...
buttonnya sudah saya pasang

NennyS said...

Thanks Yuanita, blognya keren :)

Yuanita a.k.a Tacik said...

terima kasih mbak..
hahaha... blog saya masih belum ada apa-apanya kok dibanding blog mbak


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