Crochet Pincushion (Sewing Project #6)

Hi all! I'm sorry for being away these few days. It's been hectic time at work, spending times at home were real luxury for me this week.

However... I somehow could find tiny time to do a little crochet, and make it into a pincushion (I have none 'till today). I think I done it, though I have to improve the edge and corner. So, here it is...

Here are how to make it:
  1. I crochet mini doily using beige cotton yarn. (You can always find mini doily pattern on Internet, read related posting in Bahasa Indonesia here, I'll make the English version soon)
  2. Cut cotton cloths based on the shape of the doily, mine is octagon.
  3. Make little stitches around the doily to secure its place on the cloth
  4. Make sandwich of cloth-doily-cloth. (For the cloths, its Right Side Together)
  5. Sew the Wrong Side of the cloths around. Make a little opening for flaping the Right Side of cloths inside out.
  6. Right now your pincushion will look like a little pouch. Fill in the "pouch" with polyester or scramble cloths, or other soft thing to make it bulky.
  7. Sew in the opening of the pincushion by hand.
  8. Finish. Grab your camera, take good pictures ^_^ and send me your version.

Happy crafting everyone!

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