Get Drown in a Lovely Morning

All right, all right... the sewing project is still going on. Many things have to be done first before I can put it on my gallery in etsy. I just don't want to put it there before it's perfect. So, in the mean time.... I want to tell you that I have a great morning today.

The best thing living in a suburb, and at a small town like mine, is that you can still catch little birds twitter. Not to mention calm green trees and bushes that are just sooo breezy. So, I am really blessed living in such place.

Early morning. The sky was just awesome!

 It's 05.30 am in my place, and the morning was just amazing, I can't tell you exactly without showing you.. The picture above was the time when the sun is about to rise. I love the blue on the sky. But hey, there was also splash of pink and orange there. Aren't they lovely?

a nine feet pinus standing beautifully

The sun is about to rise. Do you see how green the bushes are?
When the sun rise. I am in awe!
I even found wild flower just around the street. Do you know the name?
Its name is Lantana camara (or in Bahasa Indonesia, it's Tembelekan).
Thanks to Ratri Nugraheni for the info :)

Have a beautiful weekend everyone :)

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